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Fast, Friendly, Professional
On-Site Computer Repair
Sun City & Sun City West, Arizona

Listed with PORA


We provide all levels of computer support

  • Repair/Maintenance
  • Cleaning/Sanitizing
  • Troubleshooting/Diagnostics
  • Hardware Installation/Replacement/Upgrades
  • Software Installation/Upgrades/Updates
  • Network set-up/support
  • Web development
  • Programming & Applications development
  • Virus removal
  • System Optimization
  • Computer/Peripheral set-up
  • Phone support
  • Consulting

Our service area is currently limited to Sun City and Sun City West, Arizona.


We provide 24/7 Phone response

  • $20 on-site service fee

  • $40 per hour service charge for first 3 hours1

  • $40 shop fee

  • Free phone support - If problem cannot be resolved within approximately 1 hour, a service call may be necessary.

  • We do not provide/warranty equipment or parts. Purchase and warranty of any equipment or parts installed is the sole responsibility of the customer.

I am listed with PORA2, and so far, have received several favorable customer comments. I have a strong belief in doing what is right for the customer, even at my own expense. It's not about making a profit, it's about providing a service, and I will always make it right.

I also believe in fair pricing. Five minutes of clicking and an hour of sitting while a virus scan runs is not an hour’s worth of work. Also, spending hundreds of dollars on repairs when a new PC can be purchased for under $500 doesn't make much sense to me. This is why I keep my rates low.

1  Residential customers only. If additional work is required after 3 hours, we will request the computer be transferred to our shop for further service. Computers serviced in our shop are usually completed and returned the following day. If the equipment cannot be removed for service, billing will continue at the normal rate of $40 per hour.

2  Property Owners and Residents Association of Sun City West, Arizona as of March, 2011


Is your computer making you sick?

It's not only health care professionals who work at germ-filled job sites. In fact, Doctor comes in at #5 on the list of 'germiest' jobs. From most germs to least, the surprising list is:

1. Teacher 6. Television Producer
2. Accountant 7. Consultant
3. Banker 8. Publicist
4. Radio DJ 9. Lawyer
5. Doctor

Researchers have found that surfaces regularly used by teachers, accountants, and bankers harbored nearly 20 times more bacteria per square inch when compared to other professions.

The most germs were found on teacher's desks: an average of 17,800 bacteria per square inch. We don't think twice about eating at our desks, even though the average desk has 100 times more bacteria than a kitchen table and 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat.

People touch their hands to their faces an average of 18 times per hour. When we touch our faces, we bring all the collected gunk of our keyboard, mouse, desktop, or telephone right to our respiratory and digestive system every 3 minutes. Bacteria and viruses couldn't ask for a better transportation system.

Without regular cleaning and sanitizing, a small area on your keyboard or mouse can sustain millions of bacteria that could potentially cause illness.

We use only natural and organic cleaning materials. In addition, we utilize an Ultra-violet sanitizing appliance which uses the same safe and powerful UV-C light from the sun to deliver odorless, chemical-free, and environmentally friendly sterilization. UV-C light sterilizes 99% of biological pollutants, bacteria, and germs that cause colds, infections, asthma, and allergies.

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Omni Computer Services
17403 N 130th Drive
Sun City West, Arizona


About Us

My earliest technical experience was as a teen in the early 80s writing programs and performing data recovery on Apple floppy disks for my high school instructors. I didn’t get seriously involved with computers until the early 90s. I attended technical college in Denver, and received a degree in Computer Science. While working on my degree, I was employed as a bench-tech for AT&T at their National Laptop Service Center, specializing in data recovery.

After graduating, I returned to Chicago, and over the next ten years, held positions with several prominent companies. The most notable of these positions was a Level-3 Field Technician for MediaOne Cable Internet Service. In my 3½ years there, I worked on approximately 3000 PCs: installing hardware & software, and diagnosing problems.

Sadly, my computer career came to an abrupt end with the fall of the ‘dot-coms’ in early 2001, and I was forced into other fields of employment. I did, however, continue to build and repair computers for friends, relatives, and co-workers. As opportunities arose, I would occasionally take on ‘special projects’. These included designing and publishing a product catalog website, and writing a matching PC application for a wholesale tool distributor.

Relocation to Arizona, and the economic recession of 2010 prompted me to attempt self employment, and Omni Computer Services was born. In addition to PC repair, one of my first major projects was as Audio Editor for the Sun City West Dancing Arts Club fall show, for which I received glowing reviews. This was soon followed by a similar project for the Sun City West Rhythm Tappers spring 2011 show.

With the ever growing number of PC users, there is an increasing need for experienced technicians to fix them. I have a documented history of exemplary customer service, and with nearly 30 years of technical experience, I am uniquely qualified to fill your computing needs.

Your privacy very is important to us. Your personal information is confidential, and will only be used for direct contact. It will never be given, traded, or sold to any 3rd party for any reason.

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